Harvard Business Review. At the top of the cover is GE CEO Jeff Immelt’s article on leading transformation – by all accounts a daunting and messy business, often with mixed results. The feature article below it is about the “overcommitted organization.” It overwhelms the page. 

When business models change, as they do in many industries, a lot must happen to reinvent the business. Without a clear, compelling and consistent strategic focus, leaders can overload the organization with unnecessary projects and burn out its “precious resources”— the key talent in the organization.

by Richard Lynch

last blog I talked about how an amazing non-profit, called the Wonderfund, used contemporary business tools to completely reinvent itself. As a result, there were 3 key takeaways that I believe all non-profit organizations could benefit from knowing. 

3 Things All Non-Profits Can Learn from the Wonderfund’s Transformation

by Allison Duchesneau
by Jeff Scott

DCF). Servicing over 50,000 children at any point during the year (a number which is sadly growing) this organization is responsible for looking after our state’s most vulnerable children.

by Allison Duchesneau