The Current State of Digital Insurance – The Perfect Storm

Transformation S2E

Digital transformation is ultimately a business transformation. It takes advantage of digital technologies to upend business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market

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Just-in-time resource planning for better strategy realization With the demands for greater organizational change through strategy realization, the

The Downside of AI Powered Transformation — Part 2


By Seth Earley  with Richard Lynch In Part 1 of AI powered transformation, we illustrated the upside of  Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare, safety, robotic process automation, and other knowledge intensive

Supercharging your OKRs

S2E strategy to execution

In his book, “Measure What Matters[i]”, John Doerr extols the virtues of a performance management framework he calls Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) as having four key Super Powers that help an enterprise:

The Upside of AI Powered Transformation - Part 1


By Seth Earley  with Richard Lynch Many people consider Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be a threat to jobs – something to replace humans.  Automation has always made manual processes more efficient but there is a