Saving Sanity: 3 Tips to Create Self-Curated Human Digital Experiences

by Andrea Pohlman, on Jul 21, 2020 12:54:55 PM

I’m not going to lie – I used to consider my breaks online on social media and online shopping as a bit of an escape. I loved seeing pictures of friends on vacations and their kids having kids or browsing shops online that I can only visit when I’m traveling to my favorite cities. It was my way of keeping in touch with the people and places I love. But over the last couple of years, I saw a subtle and ongoing shift in these “virtual getaways.” I realized these little ‘trips’ I was taking caused me more stress than joy! Why? Well, it seemed that my digital experiences were becoming a little too human.

Our ever-changing climate continues to evolve into what is proving to be strange and scary sometimes. What I previously considered places of refuge, turned into quite the opposite. As words and actions of others became ‘the opinion news,’ unfiltered dialogue proved to cut right to the bone. Fear was trending whether it was global pandemic alerts, rough political dialogue or economic uncertainty. My people…and even the places I shopped…were talking about all of it. All. Of. The. Time.

I’m not proud of this, but it’s true: I cracked. The overwhelmingly devastating news combined with its accompanying judgement was too much. How could I strike a balance between listening and learning about the cataclysmic trauma happening while tuning out appraisals that seemed to make the unimaginable even worse? Then, it came to me: Journey and Experience.

I coach clients on the curation of their customer’s experience with their brand through elements of people, process, technology, access to data and culture. I specialize in crafting journeys that will distinguish their business from a sea of sameness. And then it came to me: If I can help others build journeys for their customers, then I’ll be damned if I can’t build a journey and experience for myself! So, I did.

Using the same tools I use with my client’s I had to ask myself: how can I curate my own balanced digital experience when I’m so invested in everything I see? Here are some tips from the trenches, along with some great resources to lean on:

  1. Choose Respect: It may be cliche, but it still stands true: if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all. There is a balance between taking a step back to save your sanity and participating in a meaningful conversation with your community. You don’t have to make a difference online in order to make a difference in your community. Focus on topics that celebrate vs. divide.
    - Explore ways to have difficult conversations with members in your community that are communicating negatively: 7 Ways to Have a Pleasant Conversation With a Negative Person
    - Positively and thoughtfully impact broader conversations: 8 Ways To Make The Internet a More Positive Place
  2. Make a Difference: These times are unprecedented, and I have no idea of the burdens that others are bearing. So what can I do to make a difference? Well, I can let people know that I care about them and their success – both personally and professionally – from a very sincere place. I’m working hard to leave every interaction richer than when I came into it…in person or online.
    - Get involved in your community and contribute positively even from the comfort of your own home: 25 Volunteer Jobs to Do from Home
  3. Take a Break: This may come as a shock, but you don’t HAVE to stay connected all of the time! Disconnect from the vehicles that stress you the most. I deactivated my Facebook account and found out that I can take my power back and empower others to do the same. Side benefit: it’s nice not thinking all my friends and family are jerks!
    - Find a balance with your online and offline mindful presence with “Mind: For Better Mental Health”
    - Balance between your passions digitally and in real life: How to Balance Social Media with Real Life

Leave it to say that life without a digital component is hard to imagine. In fact, I can’t. Nonetheless, giving myself permission to be okay with not engaging in every single conversation in front of me is a gift to myself…and to everyone else! When I do engage on digital platforms, I cling to the three tips above, making sure that I challenge myself to find common grounds with everyone I meet. I’m enjoying my self-curated experience…and I’m feeling much less ‘cracked’.

Written by Andrea Pohlman, Vice President and General Manager

Andrea believes in the importance of curating your personal and professional digital experience as a an individual and business respectively. Our team at Accelare can help you curate a deliberate, considered and differentiated journey for your customers. To learn more about our approach to the Customer Experience, click here.

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