WorkFit Feature Round-up: Relating Applications to Capabilities

by Matt Burke, on Apr 25, 2016 6:02:00 PM


For most organizations the best way to start the Strategy to Execution (S2E)  process is to begin with building a business capability model.  A well-structured  Capability model provides an approach to deepen the strategic dialog between business and IT leaders.  Tying capabilities to strategies, projects, and cost offers an operational view that resonates well with the business.

A common next step is to identify critical, information technology dependencies across your business capabilities.  A capability model aligned with the applications that enable the capabilities provides visibility into key investments and  illustrates the impact of making change . 

This S2E progression is consistent with many of our existing customers.  In response to their feedback for a more effective way to manage their application relationships, we've deployed an update to the Capability Module in WorkFit.  We simplified the way applications are related to capabilities.  Applications are now directly related to capabilities.  The “People, Process, & Technology” tab on the capability screen is now simply “Applications”.

WorkFit - Resource Module

In the Applications tab, you can specify your primary and secondary Applications.  You can define your applications at any level of capability, even at the family level.  If you relate applications to a child capability, the applications will “roll-up” and be displayed on the parent capability as well.

WorkFit - Relating Applications to Capabilities

Thank you to the entire WorkFit Community for your input and constant feedback.  The conversations are extremely valuable to the growth and development of WorkFit.  If you’d like to learn more about WorkFit or Accelare services, simply click below and someone will get back to you shortly.


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