Congratulations! You’ve Earned Your Nile River Badge.

by Richard Lynch, on Nov 15, 2016 3:35:10 PM

Fitbit reminds me when I hit a major milestone.  I smile with each new badge I receive. Not that I’m a preschooler again but that I stuck with a program.

Accelare - Capability BadgeSometimes as business architects we lose sight of the progress we make in our own development and client results.  In Jim Collins book, Great by Choice, he describes a 20 Mile March: hitting specified performance markers with great consistency over a long period of time.           

In Strategy to Execution (S2E) speak, think of the “20 Mile March” as the steady continual pursuit in closing capability gaps. We need to provide our clients with specific performance markers along the way and celebrate milestones like Fitbit does (e.g., key “products”, a release date, or the launch of a new capability).

In fact, this should be part of our Enterprise Fitness/WorkFit challenge… perhaps tied to capability maturity stages, roadmap releases, etc.

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