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by Daniel Luby, on Jun 9, 2017 8:19:06 AM

Many younger employees in today’s workforce grew up with computers both at home and at school. They typically utilize the latest technology for their Obsolete Toolsschoolwork and in their personal lives; therefore, it comes as a shock to them when they enter the workforce and must often relearn green screen technology that they thought they left behind twenty years earlier.  In other words, they encounter their first workplace reality – businesses can use some incredibly archaic technology.  Large corporations continue to use legacy systems for one primary reason – it still “works” and change is uncomfortable. Upgrading a major system can be daunting and can cause breaks in business continuity. 

Replacing an antiquated ERP system is a common challenge faced by businesses, state governments, and institutes of higher learning. There is a challenge in illustrating the differences between multiple vendor systems.

The Accelare Workfit Tool provides organizations the ability to evaluate their potential vendors on criteria they determine in the manner they desire.

  1. Workfit Users can illustrate which of their organizations capabilities are satisfied by vendor’s core system offerings, as well as those supported by additional add-ons.
  2. The tool can be used to demonstrate if vendors can support capabilities with out of box functionality or if configuration and customization is required.
  3. Evaluators can illustrate the quality of the systems user interface (speed, aesthetics, ease of use, comprehensibility)
  4. IT implications can be highlighted with an illustration of the main application enabling a capability being impacted/retired

WorkFit - Vendor/Technology SelectionAs illustrated in an earlier blog, the conversion to HTML 5 is enabling new and improved features and functions in Workfit. The evaluation of replacement systems can be made easy with the proper tool to visualize the correct path forward.

Stay tuned for more WorkFit feature updates as we continue the HTML transition. If you are interested in learning more about the new HTML WorkFit please click below.  I will coordinate a personalized walk through of all the new features.



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