It's Official...The Capability Mapper is in the ServiceNow Store

John Anderson
Apr 14, 2020 9:16:57 AM

WorkFit for ServiceNow, a collection of applications that enables the Strategy-to-Execution process, is now part of the ServiceNow Store.  

The first of four WorkFit modules, The Capability Mapper, offers an innovative way to design, visualize, and heat map your business model.

Many organizations are starting to realize the need for capability planning tools and are using ServiceNow’s Business Capabilities module within the Application Portfolio Management application to initiate their capability planning efforts. 

While this tool is a step in the right direction, its IT centric focus, and limited visualization lacks the functionality and business value senior executives need in their planning efforts. 

This is why Accelare built WorkFit Capability Mapper, the first of four native Now Platform applications within the WorkFit Suite.

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